The Best Gym in Wylie

Freedom & Family

We are a faith-based culture of Patriotism, Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Civic Duty to one another. We actively support our law enforcement, first responders, fire and military personnel.


A Healthy Community

We believe a healthy individual has a strong work ethic and a sense of humility, responsibility, and courage. If we can improve just one person’s health, we can make positive changes in the whole community.


The CrossFit Alanis Creed

We are spiritual warriors on a journey seeking the truth.

We are leaders, our actions always reflect our deepest beliefs.

We have many gifts to give, and we give them generously.

We have many lessons to learn and we learn them honorably.

We are grateful for those that have come before us, and we make the road smooth for those who must travel it after us.

We give 100% of ourselves through discipline, focus, & persistence; faith, service & teamwork; courage & honesty.

Nothing will stop us from living this extraordinary life that we have been given to its fullest.

Meet the Team

Owner & Head Coach

I'm currently a Certified CrossFit Trainer L3, board certified Ho...

Owner & Client Success Manager

I'm the head Client Success Manager (CSM) at CrossFit Alani...