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What is Meant by Holistic Development?

Holistic development is the development of the ‘whole self’. To gain a better understanding on what holistic development means let us first define the term ‘holism’. In philosophy, holism is the theory that different parts of a whole are interconnected, and that they cannot exist independent of each other. However,

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Our Prescription For You

We are not like a traditional gym.  In fact, we are not like any other gym in the area.  One of the ways we stand out is that we want to talk to our clients before they join so that we can offer the perfect prescription of fitness, nutrition, and accountability to create a high probability of success.

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How to Save Money on Groceries: Comparison Shopping

Inflation, recession, inflation, recession—you can’t check the news without hearing the words. Money is on everyone’s mind these days, and I’m sure you’ve noticed rising prices at the grocery store. Can you do anything to “work around” inflation and cut back on the costs of healthy food? Yes! Here’s one

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How Eating Whole Foods Changed My Life??

For optimal functioning, the human body needs fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and water to transport them. These are the main sources of energy that fuel the cells so that all the body’s functions are performed. Unfortunately, most food is now being overprocessed and has undergone so many modifications it is unrecognizable.

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