Why Eat Whole Foods, Coach?

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For optimal functioning, your human body needs fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and plenty of water to transport them. These are the main sources of energy that fuel the cells so that all the body’s functions are performed. Unfortunately, most food is now being processed and has undergone many modifications. This is done because of flavoring preferences or for ease in preparation.

Processing is also done to ensure the food retains its flavor or freshness, as many foods remain on store shelves for long periods of time. These processes usually entail the use of preservatives and other chemicals that can be harmful to our health.

This is why adherence to a whole foods diet is highly recommended. With numerous advocates and programs implemented for healthy living, you often hear about the consumption of whole foods around CrossFit Alanis.

Whole foods are not genetically modified or chemically altered. When we talk about whole foods, it means that fruits and vegetables are grown with minimal chemical intervention. Ideally, you can consume organically-grown produce.

Meat obtained from free-range or pasture-raised animals also belong to the whole foods category. If meat is sourced from factory-farmed animals, there is a greater likelihood that they were fed with hormones, antibiotics, and other chemical additives. Feedlot-raised animals are fed a high-grain diet, and this is almost always obtained from non-organic sources and is quite often GMO grain.

If you choose to pursue a whole foods diet, it means eating foods in their most natural state. They are prepared and cooked without the use of additives and other artificial flavor-enhancing agents. Here are a few of the benefits if you follow this diet.

Your Body Will Obtain More Nutrients

When you eat whole foods, your body will have more access to unaltered vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional content. When you do, your body will obtain the most amount of nutrients from the food eaten. For example, if you compare fresh juice sourced from organic oranges to one from a bottle with hard-to-pronounce ingredients on the label, the first option will more likely give you a higher dose of Vitamin C in the form most needed and easily assimilated by your body.

You Minimize Your Deadly Risks Associated With Processed Foods

Eating whole foods will minimize your body’s risk of being exposed to the dangers associated with ingesting preservatives and additives. A common example of preservatives is nitrate. This is often used in meat products to prevent bacterial growth. However, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, excessive intake of this preservative can lead to increased risks of cancer. Nitrates are commonly found in bacon, ham, sausage and hot dogs.

You Will Find It MUCH Easier To Manage Your Weight

If you are watching your weight or trying to lose weight, whole food consumption is the best way to go. Processed foods that are high in calories and low in fiber are known to contribute to weight gain and obesity. This is partly due to the fact that foods that have no fiber are less likely to make you feel full and sated. In turn, you increase your tendency to eat more than you need to.

You Will Spend Less When You Adhere To A Whole Foods Diet

Although processed foods reduce the hassle of preparation because they can be eaten in an instant, the preservatives and other chemicals added add to the higher production costs.  These costs will then be shouldered by you, the buyer.

Wouldn’t it be better to just buy an apple and eat it raw than fall in line at your favorite smoothie shop for a sugar-laden apple-flavored drink? With processed foods, you are also paying for the packaging that your body does not even consume.

At least with whole foods, you are only buying what you eat, which includes all the nutrients and benefits to your health, so it’s worth every cent spent. Whole foods won’t subject you to side effects and health problems commonly linked to processed foods. In other words, fewer visits to the doctor and less money spent on medicines.

You Will Have Reduced Risk Of Diseases

Whole foods not only give you vitamins and minerals. They also provide your body with much-needed phytochemicals. Phytochemicals can be found in a wide variety of fruits, plants, and grains. Ingesting foods that contain phytochemicals lessens your risk of contracting cardiovascular disease. It also protects your body from the risks of cancer and type-2 diabetes. Bright colored fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of phytochemicals.

You Will Be Spared From The Dangers Of Sugar

One great advantage of being on a whole foods diet is that you will spare yourself from the dangers of excessive sugar intake.You will be eating more fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugar, and their fiber content helps offset the adverse effects of sugar. Processed foods are often devoid of fiber and taste sweet due to the added sugars, so it is easy to overeat these products. Regularly ingesting processed, sugar-laden foods is when health problems can start.

Generally, maintaining a whole food diet can prevent diseases and promote overall well-being. If you aim to make positive changes to your diet, a simple and healthy way is to start with eating whole foods.

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